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From the Vicar's desk...............


Dearly beloved in Christ,

“He came into the very world He created, but the world did not recognize Him” John 1:10

Sin blinds us. God is our creator and the creator of everything around us. Yet we struggle and fail to acknowledge it and recognise Him. Sin distances us from God and His glory in His created world. It requires incessant prayer for these blinders of sin to be removed away from our eyes and heart to witness His glory.

February 1st Sunday we set apart as Medical Mission Sunday when we commemorate all who work in the medical profession. Let us together dedicate this month’s prayer to give each of them a healing touch and that their words be a comfort for those who are sick and in distress.

February is a month when we meditate on the presentation of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the temple by Mary and Joseph. Simeon and Anna see The Lord for the first time. It is in the month of February where believers from across the world gather at the bank of River Pampa for the Maramon Convention. It is the time when we meditate on the Word of God through the sermons of God’s chosen ones which leads to transformation of many lives. Let us together offer prayers for the Convention and for lives to be touched by the Word of God they hear.

Our Lent season begins from February 24th for six weeks. Lent has been traditionally observed as a time for fasting and helping those in need. Let us prepare our minds and hearts to remember the life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us cleanse ourselves from the stains of sin in our words, thoughts and deeds. I pray that this month be a time of transformation for each one of us.

Yours in Christ, 

Johnson Achen