Youth Fellowship


Dearly beloved in Christ,

July is an important month for all of us. For one, we celebrate our nation’s independence. Let us thank God for all of His grace for the independence of our nation for the last 243 years. Independence Day should remind us that God is the One who journeys with us. We can see His blessings on us as a result from persistence and dedication, going through difficulties in life and ultimately accomplishing His will and purpose. Of all the success that we celebrate, let us understand the hardships and discouraging moments that we went through to get there. It is a reminder for all of us to persevere, not looking on obstacles of failure that come our way making us think what we are doing is impossible and to give up. But to strive and strengthen ourselves during the difficult times and appreciate the outcome. Our nation’s fathers went through a lot in order for us to live in a free country. God is a God who journeys with us. Let us never forget that.

Secondly, July 3rd is a very special day we as a church commemorate which is St. Thomas the Apostle Day. As we read St. John 20:24-29, we can relate to Thomas so much in our journey of faith and being in doubt and also discouraged. Thomas was a man who was genuine in his doubt. That genuineness got him to seek answers and be able to understand the truth as he exclaimed “My Lord and My God”, being the first apostle to refer to Jesus Christ as God. In our life situation as well, we have to be truthful to where we stand and also look unto God, trust Him, be on our knees and submit to Him. God reveals Himself more in our relationship we have with Him. The stronger our relationship with God the more we have the assurance of the truth of who He is and grow in our faith.

Let us pray that this month be a blessing to all of us to enjoy the summer and to grow spiritually.

Much love,

Jess Achen

Men’s Bible Study: 

July 14, Sunday–4:00 p.m 

Mr. Tim Joseph, 335 Mountainview Avenue

July will entail fundraiser events to help raise money for the YF and Diocesan missions. Food will be sold on the Sundays and a Rec Day will take place on July 6th. Please contact the YF Committee if youd like to help and please help support.

Our Youth men will participate in the STYL and Dynasty Basketball Tournaments on the 13th and 20th respectively. Please come out and support our guys as they represent our Church.