Youth Fellowship


Dearly beloved in Christ,

October is a great month of reflection, especially in our lectionary calendar. Each Sunday in October is special as it really calls us to understand our lives in retrospection as well as introspection to humbly as a servant leader showing out the love of God through our lives. The first Sunday guides us to understand our calling as priesthood of believers. We are all baptized and called to live out the Gospel message through our lives. St. Francis of Assisi puts it clearly “preach the Gospel, if necessary, use words”. Are we able to love those around us as Christ loves us?

That love should also be reflected as we move on to the second week commemorating those who are differently abled than us. Christ in His earthly ministry showed compassion in all humanity, He ate, and preferred to be around the least and the lost (or as defined by the world). Christ humanized them and had them come to the center from the margins and recognized them as His children who are worthy of His love. In our lives journey, we will encounter many people, some who will be different from us, and may even go through struggles and face challenges that makes it difficult to live. As Christ, we being His called out people should continue the ministry of love and compassion, not bringing others down and trying to place ourselves above others, but rather humble ourselves so that others can increase and find worthiness through Him who is love.

The last week of the month is known as family Sunday. Remember that God has ordained three institutions in this world: Family, Church, and Society. Christian love and nurture should be taken heed in the home itself then only it can be shared to the church in encouragement as a worshipping family and therefore making the society whole by understanding the love of God and His reconciling peace.

The third Sunday we will commemorate as the Youth Sunday. Please pray for the youths of this region and their journey in life. Let us pray for our younger generation to grow to know God more and more at a personal level and in all that they do, they can mold their lives to be what God wants them to be. Hope all the youths remember the NERYF Holy Qurbana Service on October 13 evening at the Long Island MTC.

Have a happy and blessed October and hope all can remember to turn your clocks forward (unfortunately) this month.

Much love,

Jess Achen