Youth Fellowship


Dearly Beloved in Christ,

December is a very significant month in our calendar, especially for the Christian community. All around the world, Christians celebrate Christmas. From mid-November to Christmas, we prepare ourselves in commemorating the birth of Christ Jesus. Beginning from the Annunciations to the visitation of Mary to Elizabeth. Commemorating the birth of the Forerunner John the Baptist, and on the 25th of December celebrating the birth of Christ Jesus. It is a time to help us understand what it really means to come together as a family during the Christmas season, understanding that Christ came to this world to reunite, reconcile and share love. As we share with one another the gifts of Christmas, let us remember the loving grace and mercy of Christ giving His whole self for our eternal salvation. This month is also the advent season in guiding ourselves in devotional discipline through the 25 day fast. Let us all pray that this short fast period will be a blessing to spend more time in prayer and to in depth understand who Christ is to us at a personal level.

It is hard to believe, but 2019 is coming to a close and we have entered the last month of the year. It is a month to always to retrospect and introspect our lives. Not only is one year passing by, we are also finishing a decade. Let us make genuine resolutions in our lives, especially in our spiritual lives to trust God more and more in this new decade and year and to be closer to Him. There was once a story of a New Year’s Day parade and one vehicle that was carrying a float suddenly stopped as it ran out of gas. The funny thing is that this float represented the Standard Oil Company. The parade was delayed until someone came through with a gallon of gas. Even though Christians have access to God’s supremacy, if we do not aim ourselves to it, we will not understand our purpose. Let us see to it that this new year, we aim all that we have to God and submit to His will in our lives.

December 21 we as a Church commemorate Mar Thoma Church Day. Let us thank God for the Apostle of India, St. Thomas who confessed his faith before Jesus “my Lord and my God”. Let us pray for the Mar Thoma Church, all the diocese, parish and mission activities.

Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and a humbling New Year. 

Much Love,

Jess Achen

Dec 14 the YF will be going to the Bowery Mission in downtown Manhat- tan to volunteer to serve the homeless. We need at lest 8 to 12 volunteers so please come with us and notify the Arun Chacko 3478763297 or the YF Committee if you’d like to attend.

Dec 22nd the YF will have a movie night and gift exchange at church at 5:00 p.m. If you’d like to attend and be a part of the gift exchange the max spending will be put at $25. We will watch Home Alone and it will be an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party as a competition so please enjoy fellowship and snacks with us!