Youth Fellowship


Dearly Beloved in Christ,

As we enter into the second month of the year, let us praise God for all His manifold blessings. February is an important month for the Mar Thoma community. Let us pray to God for a blessed Maramon Convention, that all who hear the messages at the sandbeds of Pampa River, can see and know God at a personal level.

This month we also start the 50 day lent season. As we prepare for another season of lent, let us use this time to introspect our lives and understand Christ’s journey to the cross as a basis for us to move towards sanctifying ourselves to God centeredness and move out of self centeredness. There was a man who was praying with his priest at the altar. He prayed a prayer the priest had heard many times before. “Lord, take the cobwebs out of my life.” Just as he said this the priest interrupted, “Kill the spider, Lord.” Many times we ask the Lord to forgive us of some sin, yet we leave the source of temptation in our life. The Lenten period should guide us, let us take this season seriously with commitment and a contrite heart.

A gentle reminder that every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m., we have our Bible Study held at our parsonage. I encourage all our youths to make use of this time and resource and come. Our home is always open to you.

Have a blessed February.

Much Love,

Jess Achen